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AFC West Free Agency Roundup: Kansas City Chiefs

Is Andy Reid trying to build "Dream Team 2.0" in Kansas City?

"I've made a huge mistake"
"I've made a huge mistake"

Boy, was there a lot of optimism surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs heading into the 2012 season. New head coach Romeo Crennel had finished the 2011 season winning 2 of the final 3 games of the season, including an impressive win over the then-undefeated Green Bay Packers. The team was getting back several key players in 2012 that ended the season on IR, including Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry, among others.

It's a good thing optimism doesn't translate to on-field success as we all now know the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs were, well, abysmal. The entire AFC West swept the Chiefs en route to a 2-14 record. Naturally that means it's time to blow the team up and start over. Head Coach Romeo Crennel was shown the door, and GM Scott Pioli wasn't far behind. In their places, the team hired Andy Reid and John Dorsey.

New regime taking over a 2-14 team? Yeah, CUT ALL THE PLAYERS.

Probably the biggest news story in Free Agency was the release of QB Matt Cassel, who was picked up by Minnesota.


Name Position Status Experience Previous Team
DeVito, Mike DE Agreed 6 Seasons N.Y. Jets
Fasano, Anthony TE Agreed 7 Seasons Miami
Robinson, Dunta CB Signed 9 Seasons Atlanta
Smith, Sean CB Agreed 4 Seasons Miami


Name Position Status Experience Previous Team 2013 Team
Boss, Kevin TE Released 6 Seasons Kansas City
Breaston, Steve WR Released 6 Seasons Kansas City
Cassel, Matt QB Agreed 8 Seasons Kansas City Minnesota
Dorsey, Glenn DE Signed 5 Seasons Kansas City San Francisco
Winston, Eric T Released 7 Seasons Kansas City


Name Position Status Experience Previous Team 2013 Team
Albert, Branden T Franchise 5 Seasons Kansas City Kansas City

Remaining Free Agents

Name Position Status Experience
Daniels, Travis DB UFA 8 Seasons
Elam, Abram FS UFA 7 Seasons
Gafford, Thomas LS UFA 5 Seasons
Hillis, Peyton RB UFA 5 Seasons
Hochstein, Russ C UFA 12 Seasons
Jones, Edgar DE UFA 6 Seasons
Lilja, Ryan C UFA 9 Seasons
Maneri, Steve TE UFA 2 Seasons
Mattison, Bryan DE UFA 3 Seasons
McCarthy, Kyle DB UFA 2 Seasons
O'Connell, Jake TE UFA 4 Seasons
Pitoitua, Ropati DE UFA 4 Seasons
Quinn, Brady QB UFA 6 Seasons
Rucker, Martin TE UFA 5 Seasons
Siler, Brandon ILB UFA 6 Seasons
Smith, Shaun DT UFA 9 Seasons
Williams, Leon LB UFA 5 Seasons

From the looks of it, Kansas City will be rebuilding for a few more years. How do you feel about the moves Kansas City has made so far.