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Free Agency Video Podcast: TONIGHT AT 7PM PACIFIC

John Gennaro sits down for an hour to discuss all the moves from the San Diego Chargers in the first few days of free agency 2013.

Quinn Rooney

This is happening again. Tonight (Thursday, March 14th) at 7pm Pacific time, I'll be doing a second installment of the "BFTB After Dark" video podcast series. I guess it's a series, anyway.

Here is what happened last time we did this, and I had a ball doing it. This time around, we'll have all of the moves that have come out of the first few days of free agency to talk about. How exciting!

Last time, I made the starting time 6pm Pacific in hopes of making it as easy as possible for our east-coast audience. However, many of the west coast people thought that was an inconvenient time. So, tonight we try 7pm instead.

As per usual, there will be a chat room going where you can comment and ask questions. If you will not be able to make it to the live video podcast, you can put your question in the comments below.