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San Diego Chargers Sign Former Dallas Cowboy TE John Phillips

And Tom Telesco's first "big" move is to replace Randy McMichael with a younger version of the same model.

Christian Petersen

The first outside free agent to be signed by the San Diego Chargers is Tight End John Phillips. The former Dallas Cowboy is primarily known as a quality blocking tight end. He's a big body and 6'6" and has solid to above average speed for a tight end. He is instantly the best blocking tight end on the roster and marks the beginning of the youth movement as he replaces the veteran Randy McMichael who was cut this morning prior to the official beginning of free agency.

This isn't a splashy signing by any means, but this is how you efficiently work free agency in the National Football League. Randy McMichael wasn't a highly paid player, but by virtue of his veteran status he was making more than a player like Phillips commands. Phillips brings youth and a smaller cap number to a position that requires neither a big name nor a big paycheck to be a valuable member of the 53-man roster.

So far, no financial details have been released, but the deal is reportedly for three years.