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Find Your 7: San Diego Chargers

If you were building a "team" of 7 guys from the San Diego Chargers to fit these specific roles, which players would you take?


Did you see Hyundai's commercial during the Super Bowl? It was actually one of the better ones. Here it is, if you haven't seen it yet:

With that sort of "building a team" idea, Hyundai asked me to "Find my 7" using the 2012 San Diego Chargers roster. Let's hope I don't screw it up.

The Enforcer

A key role indeed, and one that I'm going to give to Donald Butler. "The Butler", which is the worst nickname we have ever come up with, laid out opposing players with hard hits on a seemingly weekly basis. If you need to send a message, Donald is probably your guy.

The Brain

Despite a down year, Philip Rivers (aka "El Capitan") is still one of the smartest guys on the team and could still tap into that ability to make smart decisions quickly in the years to come.

The Technician

Is there a defender in the league more technically sound than Eric Weddle? He's not exactly lacking the physical gifts to be an NFL-level player, but even if he were he'd make an impact ever game by being able to see what the offense is trying to do before they ever do it.

The Loose Cannon

Shaun Phillips might have to explain some of his tweets to General Managers around the league while looking for a new job. I'll say one thing for Phillips, he is what most of us ask for out of our professional athletes: Honest.

The Motivator

If Takeo Spikes isn't with the team in 2013, one of the biggest needs the team will have to fill will be his voice in the locker room. The 15 year veteran became the team's leader, and really it's heart and soul, as soon as he signed on to be a San Diego Charger in 2011.

The Prankster

Antonio Garay, who had a smaller role on the field this season but continued to be the Charger most-likely to publicly make fun of the appearance of a teammate on Twitter.

The Muscle

Corey Liuget spent most of his second season pushing around 300+ lb offensive linemen and reminding them how much stronger he is than they are. If I were looking for someone from this roster to back me up in a fight, my first choice would probably be Liuget.

So, using these 7 roles, who would be in your 7 from the San Diego Chargers?