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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 4, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.


Get to Know Special Teams Coordinator Kevin Spencer - Ricky Henne
“No matter who you are, there is always somebody who gave you the break you needed,” he said. “For me, whoever would have thought it would be some long haired guy from Annapolis, Maryland playing for some small school in Connecticut would be my key to the NFL. I wouldn’t be here without Bill Belichick. He truly is the guy who got me here and taught me how to be an NFL coach.”

Chat Live with Tom Telesco - Ricky Henne
General Manager Tom Telesco took time out of his busy schedule to chat live with fans Friday afternoon for 30 minutes. Click below to replay the chat and see what he had to say.

Strong free-agent options at wide receiver - Bill Williamson
San Diego could use an impact receiver to help Philip Rivers. But the Chargers don’t have a ton of salary-cap room and they must fix their offensive line first.

Roster Construction, Super Bowl XLVII-Style - Tom Gower
How do you build a good roster in the NFL? Let's start with this question in its most basic form, how can you build a roster of players? As I see it, there are five basic ways to obtain players in the NFL:

adblitz - YouTube
Watch, vote and share your favorite 2013 Big Game commercials!

Spikes sees power of change - Kevin Acee (paywall)
“I still think it’s possible,” Spikes said Friday while visiting the Super Bowl media center.” I really do. Not like I’m hoping, I believe that. You’ve got new blood in the building, and any time you’ve got new blood in the building, you never do know.”