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Open Thread: Super Bowl XLVII

The San Francisco 49ers and Batlimore Ravens face off from New Orleans to decide the 2012-2013 NFL Champion.

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I know why you're up here, reading this. You want my Super Bowl prediction. You want to know if I think Ray Lewis is a cure-all for a team that should've lost to the San Diego Chargers a few weeks ago, or if Greg Roman is the genius that he's being called.

Well, I'm going with the 49ers. it's not that I necessarily think the 49ers are the better team, but I think they're more well-rounded. The Niners can beat you with defense, a running game or their passing game. They can put up points fast, which means they can come back if the Ravens get a lead. It makes it difficult to take away everything that they do. Whereas, if the Niners can take Ray Rice out of the game, they stand a great chance at winning because the Ravens are fairly one-dimensional.

That being said, I'm not rooting for either team. I'm just rooting for another great Super Bowl game/ending. Oh, and funny commercials.

Have fun in the comments below.