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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Titans hit on Merriman or All Day Peterson's huge day?

We're into the 2 vs 7 portion of the voting and we're gonna get it started with an embarrassing defensive effort and the beginning of the end of a great player's career.

Stephen Dunn

We're all done with the 1 vs 8 seed matchups and we're now into the 2 vs 7 voting. You can go check out the whole bracket by clicking here.

Our first set of contenders today is: (2) Titans put out a hit on Shawne Merriman vs. (7) All Day Adrian Peterson rushes for 296 yards.

What happened?

(2) On December 9, 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee the San Diego Chargers won in overtime 23-17 in one of the more physical games in recent memory. At one point in the game, Vince Young handed the ball off then ran into Shawne Merriman before flopping on the ground like a soccer player. There was no flag and no ill intent. That didn't stop the Titans from "retaliating." Jeff Fisher coached teams are notoriously dirty and the 2007 Titans were no exception to this rule. David Stewart and Kevin Mawae intentionally took out Merriman's left knee. He would never be the same player he was before and the San Diego Chargers still haven't replaced his production on the field. The lack of a healthy Shawne Merriman went a long way toward preventing San Diego from fielding a championship caliber defense.

(7) Earlier that same season on November 4, 2007 the San Diego Chargers traveled to Minnesota to take on the Vikings and rookie running back Adrian Peterson. They looked ill prepared for what they were walking into. Peterson averaged nearly 10 yards per carry on 30 carries and broke Jamal Lewis' single game rushing record set four years earlier in 2003. It was an embarrassing effort from the defense and you'll still see highlights from this game on occasion.

Which is worse?

Vote in the poll and you tell us in the comments.