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San Diego Chargers 2013 NFL Draft Picks

Where will the Chargers be picking in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Joe Robbins

The NFL released their tentative ordering of selections for the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft. Here's what the San Diego Chargers have ended up with:

  • 1st Round, 11th Pick (11th Overall)
  • 2nd Round, 15th Pick (45th Overall)
  • 3rd Round, 14th Pick (76th Overall)
  • 4th Round, 13th Pick
  • 5th Round, 12th Pick
  • 6th Round, 11th Pick
  • 7th Round, 15th Pick

Why do we not know the overall selections of those last four picks? Because the NFL hasn't yet figured out who is getting what in terms of compensatory picks.

Seven mid-round selections isn't necessarily a bad thing. If Tom Telesco stays pat with all seven of them, it will probably serve as an early sign that he's not much of a gambler when it comes to trading on draft day.

What positions the San Diego Chargers draft with those selections has something to do with the current holes on the roster, but has a lot more to do with what holes remain after they make a play in free agency next month.