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What Were The Worst Moments In San Diego Chargers History?

Today we introduce to you the Bolts from the Blue tournament to determine the absolute worst moment in Chargers' history.


The San Diego Chargers have had a long and often terrible history. Despite prolonged runs of success, they have only one American Football League title and zero Super Bowl championships. Along the way there have been some truly awful moments.

The Bolts from the Blue staff (and former staff member Zach) have already begun pulling together a list of the absolute worst moments in San Diego Chargers history, but this is a community project and today we're asking you to contribute your worst memories of the Chargers, the ones that you can't stop replaying over and over in your head.

Try to keep each comment to only one "moment" so that other members can Rec the worst ones to make it easier to decide what makes the cut for the tournament that we'll begin next week.

To get you started I want to offer up a handful of moments that will be potential #1 seeds:

In 2006, the Chargers lost to the Patriots on the strength of a Marlon McCree fumble.

In 1998, the Chargers selected with the #2 overall pick in the NFL Draft Ryan Leaf.

In 1981, the Chargers traded away Fred Dean to the San Francisco 49ers.

In 1978, the Chargers lost to the Raiders thanks to the Holy Roller.

Get commenting and don't be stingy with the Recs. Also, don't be afraid to throw out bad moments that aren't clear all-timers. We need low seeds, too.