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Open Thread: New York Giants at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

Everything has gone right so far for the San Diego Chargers, who lead the New York Giants 24-0 at halftime.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is fun. In the middle of a must-win game, the San Diego Chargers seem to be the only team that showed up to Qualcomm Stadium.

After two quarters, Philip Rivers has 177 pass yards and 3 touchdown passes. Rookie WR Keenan Allen has 59 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns. The team has 77 rushing yards on 17 rushing attempts, and the defense has forced 2 turnovers.

Not only have the Chargers dominated the New York Giants is every possible way through the first half of this game, they will receive the ball to start the second half and could have a 31-0 lead by the time Eli Manning gets back on the field.

The Chargers have already nearly doubled the Giants' time of possession (19:27 vs. 10:33), and they'll look to do the same with a ball-control, clock-killing offense in the second half.

So far, everyone has looked good for the Chargers. Not a single player or coach has looked bad or overmatched. If this team can keep up this performance in the second half and through the final three weeks of the season, anything can happen.