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College Football Scouting: The end of the regular season

Each week, Kyle and Jerome give you a handful of college football players that the San Diego Chargers should be scouting for the upcoming draft and explain why. This week, they break down the important Michigan State / Ohio State matchup and a few others.

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The last Saturday of College football. Enjoy it. It's championship weekend and there will be plenty of talent to watch today. Jerome and I will be going over the B1G championship, which features Michigan State vs. Ohio State, the Pac 12 championship, which features Stanford vs. Arizona State, and finally, the ACC Championship, which features Duke vs. Florida State.

Michigan State vs. Ohio State

Kyle's Take: Look, it's no secret, the Chargers need help at corner back. Look no further than the Spartans Darqueze Dennard. Here is my full scouting report on him. He's a very physical corner, as well as an aggressive tackler, in a dream world, him and the defensive coordinator will be with the Chargers next year. Though not an elite athlete, Dennard has great ball skills, route recognition, and his technique in press coverage is already at an NFL level. Let's just say if he was on San Diego he'd be the best corner on the team. Yes, I know that's not saying much, but he's a very good player worth a 1st round pick.

Jerome's Take: I just caught on to that Dennard kid and he can definitely ball. He tackles and doesn't shy away from contact. I absolutely agree with Kyle in insisting you keep an eye on him.

Kurtis Drummod and Bradley Roby are two other Defensive Backs to consider keeping an eye on as well.

Linebacker play plagues San Diego and there is an athlete in this game that could add a special speed dynamic to the corps. It's Ryan Shazier. This is a speed backer but one who can play in traffic. Shazier, in my opinion is the mold of a Donald Butler; Athlete, knack for the ball and finishes more times than not(Both would really excel as a Will in a 4-3.) If San Diego sticks to a 3-4 in 2014 and were to draft him, he could play some inside linebacker. A third down "Fleet" package featuring him, Ingram, and Butler could be fun.

Stanford vs. Arizona State

Kyle's Take: Many fans would like to draft a clogging nose tackle. I'm all for drafting an interior pass rusher. Look no further than Pac 12 player of the year, Will Sutton. A lot of folks think Sutton has struggled this year, no, he's adjusted. Lack of production doesn't always equal a drop off in performance. After a dominant(from a statistical stand point) junior year, Sutton put on added weight knowing he'll be double teamed. If you have seen any of Arizona State t his year, you know it's a rarity that Sutton is in a 1-on-1 situation.

When Sutton gets a 1-on-1, he wins, this year he's just much better at maintaining double teams, and stopping any run action his way. I know most will want a nose tackle, but I'd take Sutton, who is a more complete player, and would instantly upgrade this defense.

Jerome's Take: A few weeks back, I passed over two linebackers in favor of recommending you watch Cardinal Guard David Yankey work in the trenches. So, this week, we'll return to those two.

Trent Murhpy and Shayne Skov. Skov can thump, plays from the shoulders up and can chew up grass in a hurry. He too would add an athletic presence to the corps but more importantly, HE WRAPS UP.

Trent Murphy has crazy upside. His length is crazy. He is a fundamental linebacker but far from a technician at this point. I think he has room for 5-7 more pounds. I like cerebal players, and he's one of them. Admittedly though, he is a tweener right now with no true position but I feel San Diego needs these type of players. He plays more than one spot in Stanford's 3-4 defense and could help San Diego in this very way. 94, 91 and Trent in a 3-4 one gap philosophy would be an entertaining watch.

Simply put, watch Stanford's Corps and the position in which Derek Mason puts them in to be successful

Florida State vs. Duke

Last week the Bengals doubled Keenan Allen, forcing whoever was on the other side of the field to beat them, which is smart. Problem is, Vincent Brown hasn't shown he can do that this year. San Diego needs a receiver that can win these match-ups. Florida State has a 6'5 235 pound receiver that has "Philip Rivers type" written all over him.

If you throw it up, odds are, he's going to come down with the ball. If you read my full breakdown of Benjamin, you'll see more examples. Here's one:


Then once it's in his hands, as you can tell by his size, he's a terror to bring down.


Benjamin will be face Duke corner Ross Cockrell, who is athletically limited, but a very smart player. This will be a brain vs brawn match-up. I expect Benjamin to win this, and come draft season, if the Chargers are lucky enough to draft Benjamin, the offense will be a force for years to come.

We've told you who we're looking out for today, any players that you guys are interested in seeing today?