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San Diego Chargers get blackout lifted for Sunday afternoon's game against New York Giants

Hurray! Chargers fans get to watch their football team play on TV while it's actually happening.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we found out the San Diego Chargers received an extension to sell out the remaining 2,400 general tickets to Sunday afternoon's game against the visiting New York Giants. Today we found out they have sold enough tickets to air the game live in San Diego.

We use the term "sold" loosely as a couple generous companies had to step in and buy up the remaining tickets.

It's not surprising that Fox 5 bought up some of the tickets since they'd lose out on a lot of ad revenue if the game had been blacked out. But still, this is great news for those of us that were hoping to watch football while it is actually being played, and not via NFL RedZone, which obviously doesn't let you see the game in its entirety.

It was pretty much a given that this game wouldn't be blacked out when the team received the extension, but as Chargers fans, we're conditioned to expect the worst. It's a survival technique at this point. This is good news because it would have been ugly to follow up being the first team to have a game blacked out with being the first team to get blacked out in back-to-back weeks.