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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 4, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Week 13 Quick Reads - Vince Verhei
Rivers didn't throw a single pass in the red zone, mainly because he sucked so bad in the front zone. Between Cincinnati's 20- and 40-yard lines, he went 2-of-11 for 43 yards with one first down (which, granted, was a touchdown) and one interception.

Giants Travel To San Diego For Bout With Reeling Chargers - Curt Macysyn
As revered as New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is in the Big Apple, he is equally disliked in San Diego. This week Manning gets to face the franchise that he slighted when drafted in 2004 and faces the quarterback, Philip Rivers, who was part of the franchise-altering trade on draft day almost a decade ago.

Chargers Need ‘Giant’ Win Over Manning, New York To Keep Playoffs Possible - Dave Thomas
Along with the playoff implications for both teams this Sunday, there are no doubt some Charger fans with long memories. You know, the ones that still despise Archie Manning and the younger brother of Denver great Peyton Manning.

Scouting Report: Chargers vs. Giants - Ricky Henne
Justin Tuck entered last week’s game with 2.5 sacks, but he recorded a career-high 4.0 in one single game against Robert Griffin III and the Washington RedskinsJon Beason is also coming off a stellar game in which he recorded 17 tackles.

Chargers need to muscle up - Tom Krasovic (paywall)
Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth moved to left guard, and mashed. A Pro Bowler at tackle last year, Whitworth looked like ex-Bolt Pro Bowler Kris Dielman -- mean and mobile. It became repetitive: the Bengals ran a basic power play 14 times, pulling Whitworth across the line and into a gap.