NFL Release Statement - Happy That Chargers Are In Playoffs, Feel Steelers Are Boring

Actually, these are the Week 17 BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor League Results, but I wanted to mindfuck any lurking Steeler Trolls. Happy New Year Steeler fans, you have 9 months to your next game.

Week 17 saw a fantastic performance from Lightning And Thunder, Scifres Steel Balls and Aussiecharger, who each garnered 15 out of 16 correct selections. Well done, guys. Solid form to be taking into the playoffs, where the Steelers will not be.

The Mighty Thunder from Down Under however still leads the way and has a comfortable cushion heading into the Steeler-free playoffs. Can TLORB hold on for a much deserved victory. Does anybody care.

Get your selections in early for the Wild Card round, featuring a team of rapists our very own Chargers, and Go Bolts!

Also a very Happy New Year to all and have a great 2014.

Full list of Current Standings:

TLORB 175 - 80 (13)

Scifres Steel Balls 169 - 86 (15)

aztec4life 166 - 89 (12)

BritishBolt 164 - 91 (14)

NSFB 160- 95 (13)

In it to win it 157 - 98 (12)

Alworth 19 157 - 98 (13)

Lightning and Thunder 152 - 103 (15)

Etc, etc. Various other non winners.

Remaining Survivors:



Jesus's Clipboard - Week 1 - Pittsburgh

BoltUpDK. BritishBolt, Gotta Pick Em Al & NornIron - Week 3 - Minnesota

AussieCharger, King Of Spain - Week 4 - Cincinatti

An End In Our System, Bledderag's Picks- Week 5 - Atlanta

TLORB - Week 7 - Miami

DanishBolt - Week 8 - Sir No Longer Appearing In This Film

Alworth 19 - Week 9 - Tennessee Titans

Scifres Steel Balls - Week 9 - Tennessee Titans

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