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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers trailing Kansas City Chiefs' backups 21-14 at halftime

Needing a win to get into the playoffs and facing the Kansas City Chiefs' backups, the San Diego Chargers are playing their worst football of the season.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Well, this is depressing.

We thought that the San Diego Chargers, who beat most of the Kansas City Chiefs starters earlier this season, would be able to easily handle the Chiefs' backups. I thought that Andy Reid would call a vanilla gameplan to avoid showing the Chargers anything for a potential playoff game.

Yet, here we sit, with the Chargers needing a touchdown to tie the game after 30 minutes of football.

Mike McCoy is going to need to deliver one hell of a halftime speech, to his players and his coaching staff, to turn things around in the second half. If he doesn't, the team will be right back where it was at the end of last season: The laughingstock of the league.

The good news is that the Chargers get the ball to start the second half and can tie things up before the Chiefs offense gets back on the field. Now they just need to execute.