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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 25, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Stacking Receivers for Triangle Route Combinations - CGPeltier
Most importantly, bunch sets can beat man and man under coverages because of the natural picks created by compacted wide receivers running precise routes in a tight area. Receivers can run timing routes with almost zero space between them (best exemplified by the "mesh" pattern), thereby forcing defenders to run around them.

MVP Watch - Dan Graziano
Statistically, Rivers is the best quarterback in the league this year other than Peyton. Somewhere, Norv Turner is ... well, he's not taking calls on this particular topic, is he? Among the preseason "new-coach-revitalizes-formerly-great-quarterback" stories, Rivers and Mike McCoy got far less ink than Chip Kelly/Michael Vick and Marc Trestman/Jay Cutler. But Rivers and McCoy are by far the most successful such pairing, though Kelly has found a soul mate elsewhere on the roster, as you'll see a little further down the list.

Game Time: Melvin Ingram Mic'd Up - Video
In the latest installment of Game Time, linebacker Melvin Ingram was wired for sound against the Oakland Raiders.

Congrats Novak! AFC Special Teams Player of Week - Ricky Henne
"Nick’s an offensive weapon," he said. "When Nick’s on the field, he scores points. Much like a receiver or running back, seriously, when he’s been on the field, like you said it’s consistently almost every time, when he’s jived out there, we’ve scored points…When you have a kicker that’s valuable like Nick is, it’s a huge weapon for you. Yes, you want to score touchdowns and yes, you want to be aggressive, but there’s a time when it’s touchdown (or) check-down, and let’s make sure we get to three. Let’s give him chance to get to come out here and get to three. He was again clutch today."

Scouting Report: Chargers vs. Chiefs - Ricky Henne
Keenan Allen needs 43 receiving yards to record the 35th 1,000-yard season in franchise history and the first by an NFL rookie since Cincinnati’s A.J. Green posted 1,057 in 2011. Allen would also become only the fifth NFL rookie since 2000 to go over 1,000 yards.