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Chargers-Raiders Final Score: San Diego Chargers defeat Oakland Raiders 26-13, keep playoff hopes alive

The San Diego Chargers move to 8-7 and keep their hopes alive, while getting some revenge against the 4-11 Oakland Raiders, with a convincing win on Sunday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Two turnovers by the San Diego Chargers in the first half led to a 10-10 tie with the Oakland Raiders at halftime of Sunday's game. Zero turnovers in the second half by San Diego's offense helped to lead the team to a 26-13 victory that keeps the team's slim playoff hopes alive.

San Diego's offense saw a bad interception from Philip Rivers in the first half, but was otherwise able to move the ball at will against the Oakland defense. Meanwhile, John Pagano's defense continued to impress. In fact, outside of Shareece Wright getting repeatedly burned by Raiders WRs, the defense looked strong.

Today's wins by the Bills and Patriots leaves a very clear path for the Chargers to make the 2013 NFL Playoffs. To get there, Mike McCoy's team will have to win against the Chiefs at home next week and will need the Dolphins to lose to the Jets and the Ravens to lose to the Bengals.

Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead combined for 38 total touches, making the Chargers 7-0 in games where those two combine for 30+ touches. Unfortunately, Mathews missed another 100+ yard rushing game by just 1 yard, racking up 99 rush yards on 25 carries against the Raiders.

Philip Rivers had another above-average game, but has sunk a little lower and will need a big game against Kansas City to finish above 70% completion rate. He finished this one with 201 passing yards and another touchdown to future Rookie of the Year Keenan Allen.

We'll have more breakdowns of the game, including Bolts & Dolts, tomorrow. As for now, let us celebrate the fact that San Diego could play 17 meaningful games this season.