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Open Thread: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers, 1st Half

The 7-7 San Diego Chargers are hoping to sneak into the playoffs, and they'll start by getting revenge for an early-season loss to the 4-10 Oakland Raiders. Chat about the game here.

Brian Bahr

Whether or not the San Diego Chargers are still alive to make the 2013 NFL Playoffs, today's game against the Oakland Raiders is important.

Mike McCoy's team has really come together in December, but they need to avoid the big let-down. A win over the the Raiders today would not only make for the first 3-game winning streak in McCoy's short career, but it would means that the Chargers had defeated all three of their division rivals in the same year. That's a fantastic sign for the future of this team.

In addition, the Chargers' loss to the Raiders earlier this season is probably the worst game the team played all season. If that happens again, the story will be about Oakland having McCoy's number. If the Chargers come away with a convincing win, then that game in October was just part of the learning process for the first-year head coach.

Chargers vs. Raiders with possible playoff implications! It doesn't get any better than that.