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San Diego Chargers receive 24-hour extension to sell 1,300 tickets to lift blackout

It's looking good that the Chargers vs. Raiders game will be televised locally after the NFL granted the Chargers an extension.

Kevork Djansezian

The Chargers were the first team this season to have a game blacked out, but it's looking like they won't be the first to make it to two. Michael Gehlken of UT San Diego reports via Twitter:

As most Chargers fans know by now, the NFL doesn't like to give out an extension unless there is a near guarantee that the remaining tickets will be sold. Given that this is the Raiders game and that there are only 1,300 tickets unsold at last count, you can safely assume you'll get to watch this game from home. That's especially handy for those of us who have invested in a proper home theater system and don't like risking getting stabbed by Raiders fans.

Hopefully this archaic rule goes the way of the dodo sooner than later and we can stop worrying about whether or not we can watch football on Sundays. The FCC could very well end this practice and we can all be thankful that we won't have to read blackout updates any more if they do.