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San Diego Chargers Safety Brandon Taylor to have knee surgery, out for season

Well, those wondering why Taylor hasn't been able to get on the field can probably credit his absence to a lingering knee issue.

Kent Horner

It looks like fans will have to wait yet another year for the 2012 3rd round pick to play. Brandon Taylor is set to have knee surgery that will cut his season short once again.

Fans were hopeful that Taylor would be activated these last 2 games, but it seems like the setback Taylor was never able to overcome the setback he suffered back in Week 3 of the preseason. There was no structural damage revealed on the MRI. Because of this, Taylor has been a full participant in practices since September, reportedly. Unfortunately, Taylor has suffered from swelling, and this knee scope surgery he's scheduled for is supposed to help him get back his explosiveness.

It makes you wonder if the new regime will ever give Taylor a shot, or if they'll just cut their losses. He's played 40 snaps in 2 years, and it seems like Jahleel Addae has done enough to at least earn a shot at more playing time next year. Taylor will have an uphill battle on the depth chart, and that's not even factoring in if the Chargers bring in competition through the draft or via free agency.