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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 19, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.


San Diego Chargers 5 Biggest Draft Needs - Kyle Posey
Some may disagree, but let me explain why. The Chargers need to draft a guy whom they feel best fits THEIR scheme, and they can develop them into the type of player they want to become. If you've watched any Charger game this year, you understand that the cornerback play has been atrocious. The signing of Derek Cox has been monumentally bad. Starting on the other side, Shareece Wright, has came on as of late, but 10 bad games>2 good games. This is a coaching and a talent issue, players aren't looking back for the ball, aren't aggressive, have poor technique, and basically everything a corner is supposed to do, this team doesn't do it. I believe Wright can be an excellent slot corner, but that leaves 2 other positions to fill.

The Notebook: 5 steps for beating the Broncos - Stephe White
I decided to take a deeper look into game film to see how the Chargers managed to upset the Broncos on Thursday night. The film confirmed some of my suspicions about the problems the Chargers caused for the Broncos and enlightened me about some things I hadn't noticed while watching the game live.

"We Know What Raiders Week is All About" - Donald Butler
After the game Coach McCoy gave a real emotional speech to us. It was huge. It magnifies our emotions as well because obviously we’re the ones on the field, but when you see your coach put that emotion and feeling into what he’s doing and his job, it makes you want to play harder.

Vote a Charger Girl to the NFL Pro Bowl -
Be part of the action by voting for your favorite San Diego Charger Girl among the top three candidates chosen by the Charger Girls themselves. The winner will be announced on Sunday, December 29, 2013.

Chargers' receivers take blocking seriously - Eric Williams
"I'll tell the receivers all the time, do you want Ryan Mathews not to pick up the blitzing linebacker when he comes so then you can't catch a pass?" McCoy said. "It's a matter of being unselfish and that's what we tell the receivers here. If you want to catch some passes, you better block for the backs also."