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San Diego Chargers Bench NT Cam Thomas for Sean Lissemore

The Chargers nose tackle has lost his starting role to Sean Lissemore. Could this be the last season in San Diego for Cam Thomas?

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Thomas has been moved down the depth chart at Nose Tackle for the San Diego Chargers. This comes as little surprise to viewers of the team, as he has been the centerpiece of a defensive line that has been very disappointing this season.

While the Chargers defensive secondary has been historically bad, it is also true that the run defense has been terrible and ranks dead last in DVOA as well. That is largely attributable to the poor play of the defensive line. Thomas has posted a mediocre Pro Football Focus score of -5.8, 56th out of 69 defensive tackles who have played at least 25% of their team's snaps.

Thomas has been taking about two-thirds of the snaps in a rotation with Sean Lissemore, who will be taking over the starting duties. Lissemore has been solid this season, especially in the run game, posting a PFF score of +5.7.

This move may work out being beneficial to both men, as Thomas has posted his best two games this season coming off the bench and playing about one-third of the team's snaps. He also succeeded in that role being Aubrayo Franklin last year.

This season is the last of the rookie contract Thomas signed in 2010, signalling that this could possibly be the last few games for Thomas as a San Diego Charger. Lissemore is still under the contract he originally signed with the Cowboys before being traded to the Chargers through 2016, earning a cheap $1 million in 2014.