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TONIGHT: Let's talk Chargers-Broncos

John Gennaro takes to the virtual airwaves at 5:30pm tonight to break down the game that Chargers fans have been ignoring thus far, Sunday's terrifying matchup against Peyton Manning's 7-1 Broncos.

Doug Pensinger

Gennaro-ly Speaking is a weekly show, I promise. The problem is that it takes place during my free time, so it doesn't really follow a normal scheduling pattern. Instead, I'll find an hour one night where I'm not too busy and HEY! GENNARO-LY SPEAKING NIGHT!

Anyway, tonight is that night. I have an hour or so between 5:30pm and 6:30pm PST and I'd like to talk about the San Diego Chargers' game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday because.....well, because we haven't talked about it at all yet.

We've been so busy breaking down the coaching mistakes from the loss to the Washington Redskins and deciding on midseason awards and grades that we haven't once mentioned the fact that Peyton Manning and the 7-1 Broncos will be in San Diego on Sunday, in front of the entire nation, for a game that could make us all forget about the Redskins debacle very quickly.

I'm trying to get someone from Mile High Report to join me, but this last minute scheduling thing isn't for it might just be me by myself. You don't mind though, right?

See you around 5:30pm.