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Chargers vs. Bengals to be blacked out in southern California

The San Diego Chargers face their first local television blackout of the season this Sunday when they welcome the first-place Cincinnati Bengals to town.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Of course the San Diego Chargers are the ones to break the NFL's streak of 12 consecutive weeks without a blackout. They were so proud of it, too.

Sunday's game is the first of four home games in five weeks for the 5-6 Chargers. The game against the Oakland Raiders will sell out, but I was always a little concerned about the games against the New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs to end the season. I remain concerned, but am a bit surprised that momentum from the upset win over the Chiefs last weekend didn't help sell out this weekend's game.

We'll be covering the game as best we can this weekend, but you'll want to purchase a ticket if you want to watch the action live.