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Open Thread: NFL Week 12, Late Games

Four late games, including Tom Brady going up against Peyton Manning, to watch and chat about in our open thread.

Jared Wickerham

Here's your collection of late games from the Week 12 in the NFL:

I'm as tired of the Tom Brady / Peyton Manning storyline as the rest of you, but it has produced some pretty epic games. Here's to hoping tonight's is another to add to that collection.

Also, I'm writing this before the Chargers game and have no idea who to root for in that Titans / Raiders game. If the Chargers lose, it's probably time to start rooting for the higher draft pick....right? That would mean rooting for the Raiders, which just seems wrong. Nevermind, we'll worry about draft picks later. For now, let us all don our Ryan Fitzpatrick jerseys and hope that Matt McGloin is more of a flash in the pan than a future NFL star.