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College Football Saturday: NFL Draft Prospects

Kyle and Jerome break down the games and players Chargers fans should be watching today.

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It's that time again where we focus on some names to keep an eye on, and discuss some names that stick out to us as watch football all day. This is so we don't have to scramble the last few weeks of the draft to learn every name. This year, when the "Tourek Williams" of the world is selected, we want you to know who he is.

This week, the 3 games we'll highlight for you are LSU against Texas A&M, Baylor against Oklahoma State, and finally UCLA against Arizona State.

LSU vs. Texas A&M

Kyle's Take:

This game's total points might be over 100. It's become pretty apparent that the Chargers need another receiver, and LSU's Odell Beckham Jr would be perfect. I wrote about him here, but I doubt he gets out of the 1st round.

Arguably, as King Dunlap is set to miss yet another game, the most important position of need is left tackle. A&M has two very gifted tackles, and they both might be the two best in the country, and both better than last year's #2 pick, Luke Joeckel. I don't know where the Chargers will end up picking, but keep an eye out on right tackle Cedric Ogbuehi.

Ogbuehi is a very good athlete that will make the seamless transition to left tackle in the NFL. He's great at "re-anchoring" which is very important in the NFL. His initial punch isn't the best, but his ability to recover is amazing. He might have the greatest ceiling of any tackle in the draft.

Jerome's Take:

The field will be littered with talent in this game. Especially at the wide receiver position. Both of these SEC teams possess weapons outside that could benefit the San Diego Chargers or any team for that matter.

The Aggies WR Mike Evans is the man. He is extremely talented and coordinated for his size. But, the truth is, I like watching Odell Beckham a little bit more. This doesn't mean I think he is better, just a preference.

This kid Beckham Jr is a flat out ball player. Flat out athlete and a joy to watch. He makes some of the sweetest catches and is one of those players who are blessed with ability to play at a different pace. Make an already good offense great and get Philip one more Bulldog.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Kyle's Take: Last week, I told you to watch Justin Gilbert, and all he did was take an interception for a touchdown. When I wrote about him, I was very impressed and believe he's a first round talent. On Baylor's defense, they have a redshirt sophomore by the name of Shawn Oakman, who is a very, very large man.

At 6'9 275 pounds, he is very explosive and you can he uses him arm length to his advantage. With his frame, he actually has room to put on about 15-20 pounds of muscle, which is scary. Oakman is great at converting speed to power and as of last week that's why he was leading the nation in tackles for loss. He could be a great outside linebacker for this team and really help out the pass rush.

Arizona State vs. UCLA

Kyle's Take:

Chad Rinehart has been fantastic. When he plays. That's been the problem, he's been injury prone throughout his career, and on a one year deal, do the Chargers bring him back?

That's why I'll have my eye on Xavier Su'a-Filo, the left guard for UCLA. He's a perfect fit for the Chargers, he had to sub in at left tackle for a game and did a fine job, so he'd fit right into San Diego, as fans have seen this year, it's a surprise when the same starting offensive line finishes the game.

Su'a-Filo really fits the type of guard offensive line coach Joe D' favors. Powerful at the point of attack, but athletic enough to get to the second level and bury linebackers. He also shows great feet and awareness when pulling, which is an area where Clary really, really struggles at. He'll be going against another potential 1st rounder in Will Sutton. This should be a great match-up.

Jerome's Take:

Kyle picked a definite stud there. He can play.

I'll be keeping an eye on UCLA's linebacking corps in this game. It's a fun unit. Anthony Barr is a Top 5 pick, an exceptional linebacker to watch,  but I don't think San Diego can get him. I like watching Eric Kendricks and the instincts he brings to the position. He is a joker because he is undersized but doesn't lack the talent to produce. He can get sideline to sideline, he fills gaps but he is an ILB at 6'0" and 230. He has to move around at the next level but can thump at this level. If San Diego is interested upgrading the corps on the second or third day of the draft, he could make due.

Who are you looking forward to watching this week?

Let us know in the comments. This will be a live thread for all the games today. A lot of good match-ups to look for, and we know the Chargers have a need arguably everywhere. So who do you want to watch?