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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: November 19, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Audibles at the Line: Week 11 - Rivers McCown & Ben Jones
Scott Kacsmar: Down 20-16, San Diego punted on 4th & 12 at the Miami 36 with 3:58 left? That's very questionable. Scott Kacsmar: Tannehill just pulled a Glennon by running out of bounds to take a sack. These QBs make me sick in the 4MO.

Three-Cone Drill: Art of Baylor - Rivers McCown
Chris Brown covered a lot of this in his look at Baylor's offense earlier in the year , but what separates Baylor from other spread schools is a matter of schematic philosophy. Baylor has fused together all the important concepts of the last few years -- the read option, packaged plays, up-tempo pace, and so on -- with the willingness to swing for the fences on any play they can.

ReFo: Chargers @ Dolphins, Week 11 - Steve Palazzolo
It’s foreign territory for D.J. Fluker who played exclusively on the right side in college as well, and it certainly showed at times throughout the game. Whether it was defensive end Dion Jordan bolting past him in less than two seconds at the 2:11 mark of the second quarter or the two hits and the sack he surrendered on the Chargers’ final two drives, Fluker had his struggles on his way to a -4.3 overall grade including -2.8 in pass protection.

Upon Further Review: Chargers Week 11 - Eric Williams
Whether it’s taking better angles, wrapping up or just being more physical, San Diego has to do a better job defensively of getting guys on the ground than it did against Miami. A season-long issue looked the worst it has been against the Dolphins.

Why some corners can't play zone coverage - Sam Monson
When you watch tape of corners there is a clear divide between those that understand the shifting nature of zone coverages and those that don’t, but rather see them as invisible divisions on the field from which they shouldn’t stray.