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Chargers-Dolphins halftime score: San Diego and Miami tied 10-10 at halftime

The San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins are tied at 10 after the first 30 minutes of their game.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a half of football by two 4-5 teams that look nearly identical.

  • Both QBs threw an interception
  • The Dolphins have 12 first downs, while the Chargers have 11
  • San Diego has 175 offensive yards to Miami's 184.

The big differences seem to be that the Chargers are running the ball better (5.8 yards per carry, including 6.1 for Ryan Mathews) but getting penalized more (46 penalty yards compared to Miami's 15).

Philip Rivers has played well, I put his interception squarely on Vincent Brown, but the passing game seems to be having a hard time finding a rhythm once again. The two receivers targeted the most, each with 3 targets,have zero catches (Brown) and 3 catches for 33 yards and a touchdown (Antonio Gates). Might be time to get Keenan Allen and Ladarius Green more involved.

On the other side of the ball, the Chargers defense seems unable to stop the Dolphins offense, but John Pagano is doing a decent job of drawing up creative plays when Miami shoots itself in the foot and creates "3rd & long" situations. Corey Liuget is, rightfully, taking a lot of heat for a late hit on Ryan Tannehill that eliminated a fumble forced by Eric Weddle on the goal line.

Neither team is playing bad or great. Whichever coach makes the best halftime adjustments will probably be the one celebrating at the end of this one.