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San Diego Chargers Dailly Links: November 15, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Game Riffs: The Magnificent Seven - Mike Tanier
Eventually, the Dolphins came to terms with their new reality and prepared to become competitive again. Just as the priest, rabbi and Tony Dungy were about to leave, a limo pulled up outside team headquarters. "Am I late?" Dr. Phil asked. Prediction: Chargers 27, Dolphins 21.

BoltsCast: Dolphins Preview with Ladarius Green -
Tight end Ladarius Green joins Ricky Henne and Jordan Beane as they preview the Chargers upcoming matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

How to stop Peyton Manning - Mike Tanier
The following article shows just how the Chiefs defense can shut down the Broncos passing game. It uses examples taken from Chiefs game film, with a special emphasis on the best offenses the Chiefs have faced this year. It's a blueprint based on Sutton's own schemes, but it is customized to tackle the unique problems created by Peyton Manning and his receivers.

Next Man Up Mentality for Linebackers - Ricky Henne
"I can't control injuries," said Head Coach Mike McCoy. "You have no control over them. It's all part of the game. No one is going to feel sorry for us on Sunday. I don't have the best answer for you. If I had the answer for why they were happening, hopefully I would have prevented them. Every team deals with it throughout the year. We have had our fair share of them."

Double Coverage: Chargers at Dolphins - James Walker & Eric Williams

The Dolphins are trying to put a good face on the situation. But truthfully, it's weighing on them. More than anything, players are constantly peppered with questions about Martin and Incognito, who are currently not with the team. There have been reporters here from CNN, ABC News and other major news outlets to find out what is going on in Miami's locker room.