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San Diego Chargers game against Miami Dolphins pushed back to 4:05 p.m. ET

To accommodate for the Chiefs and Broncos being flexed to Sunday Night Football, the Chargers game against the Dolphins on November 17, 2013, will now be played in the evening in Miami.

Stephen Dunn

Here's some good news:

Good thing too, because I'm really starting to get sick of these 10 a.m. games. With everything that I've read about west coast teams playing 10 a.m. PT games, and how poorly they typically perform, this can't be viewed as anything but a win by the Chargers and their staff/players/fans.

Also, now we get to watch the big matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos on Sunday night instead of watching the Green Bay Packers beat up on the New York Giants. That's a significant improvement to all of our lives.

The November 17th game between the Chiefs and Broncos will be the first time those two teams meet this season, but they'll face off again two weeks later. Kansas City will be taking on the Chargers in the week in between their Broncos game, so that will be an important stretch of games for Andy Reid's team.