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San Diego Chargers sign OT Mike Remmers and TE Ryan Otten

The San Diego Chargers made two roster moves this morning, but fans await to hear which player non the current 53-man roster will be coming off to make room for OT Mike Remmers.

Jonathan Daniel

Just some house-cleaning.

That first one is no big deal. The second one might be.

There's no word on what the corresponding roster move is, but someone will have to be taken off of the 53-man roster for Mike Remmers to be added to it. Also, if the Chargers are looking for help at offensive tackle, they're either really nervous about King Dunlap's injury being a long-term one, or they're ready to part ways with Nick Becton after seeing him play for a few snaps against the Raiders on Sunday.

A former Beaver from Oregon State, Remmers signed with the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent last year. When the Broncos cut him, he signed on with Tampa Bay and has been on the Buccaneers practice squad ever since. He has yet to play a snap in the NFL (besides int he preseason).