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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: October 10, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Week 5 DVOA Ratings - Aaron Schatz
The splits are less pronounced on offense but are still pretty heavy. Even after Philip Rivers wasn't so great against Oakland, the Chargers rank second in pass offense behing Denver. However, they are just 22nd running the ball. New Orleans is currently fourth in pass offense DVOA but just 27th in run offense DVOA. The teams that go the other direction come from the Department of Duh: Minnesota (23rd passing, seventh rushing) and Carolina (29th passing, fourth rushing).

D.J. Fluker just doing his job on 'body slam' - Eric Williams
"My thing is, I was doing my job to make sure Philip was protected, and that’s what we did," Fluker said. "I’m on the edge. Is it fair for him to bull rush me every time he’s out there? He jumped off of his feet. And when someone jumps off of their feet like that, our coach tells us to finish them. So that’s what we’re supposed to do. That’s our job."

Ranking the 2013 Offensive Lines: First Quarter - Khaled Elsayed
They’ve made moves to get better and the proof is in the pudding. Philip Rivers is happier and his pocket is a lot cleaner. The tackles are doing a nice job and they’ve got better than expected play out of fill-in Johnnie Troutman. They’re young and on the rise.

32 Observations, Week 5 - Nathan Jahnke
Not only does Antonio Gates have more catches on first downs than any other tight end, he has more than any other receiver, at 17. His 265 yards on those catches is second most for all receivers.