BFTB Pick 'EM & Survivor Results - Week 8

Week 8 sees our first strike of the season, with aztec4life bowling a sweet 13 for 13. Even on a short stack week, that's impressive.

And Lightning and Thunder was able to make up a lot of ground on our leaders with a near perfect 12.

That leader remains Scifres Steel Balls, but the field is bunching up heading into the back straight. How exciting.

Week 9 is shaping as our toughest to date, with a few games poised to go either way, so it may prove a pivotal week in the league. Or not.

Full list of Current Standings:

Scifres Steel Balls 82-38 (10)

TLORB 81--39 (11)

dwoody3123 80 -40 (11)

BritishBolt 79 - 41 (10)

In it to win it 78 -42 (11)

aztec4life 78 -42 (13)

BoltUpDK 78 -42 (9)

Lightning and Thunder 77 - 43 (12)

NSFB 74 - 46 (9)

Bledderag's Picks 74 - 46 (11)

Alworth 19 72 - 48 (10)

KingofSpain 72 - 48 (10)

Aussiecharger 70-50 (10)

Etc etc. (If your name has not been called, you have disgraced this honorable league by forgetting to submit your entry at some point. You are free to find a quiet spot in the woods and contemplate your worthiness, or lack thereof.)

The Survivor pool saw DanishBolt pass out from malnutrition and fail to vote, leaving only Scifres Steel Balls and Alworth 19. With only 2 remaining contestants, will love finally bloom in paradise.

Remaining Survivors:

Alworth 19 - Survival maintained by SF 49ers.

Scifres Steel Balls - Survival maintained by NE Patriots.


Jesus's Clipboard - Week 1 - Pittsburgh

BoltUpDK. BritishBolt, Gotta Pick Em Al & NornIron - Week 3 - Minnesota

AussieCharger, King Of Spain - Week 4 - Cincinatti

An End In Our System, Bledderag's Picks- Week 5 - Atlanta

TLORB - Week 7 - Miami

DanishBolt - Week 8 - Sir No Longer Appearing In This Film

Good luck to those remaining and once again, make sure you get those picks in early, and Go Bolts!

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