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That Did Not Look Athletic: Week 4 (SD vs. DAL)

When the second half of last week's game began things looked dicey for our Bolts. Fortunately the fellas rebounded and took the 'Boys to the woodshed behind the stellar play of Philip Rivers. Let's become one with the universe and chant . . . TDNLA!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

That Did Not Look Athletic is a weekly series that examines some of the least athletic plays from the previous week's Chargers game. This series is meant to give us a few laughs by showing that even the best athletes in the world have their moments of shame. It's also a reminder that you aren't a complete loser just because you punched at a tether-ball and fell down in front of a bunch of 3rd graders.

You people need to email me an un-athletic story. I'm not saying that I have writer's block just that the absence of a story from me shall serve as your penance for the week. Penance!

Honorable Mentions



I kind of like having the TDNLA awarded to a Chargers player during a week when the Bolts win. It allows for a pleasant bit of laughter because deep down inside . . . who cares! We won! And by "we" I mean the Chargers. And us!

Ah, winning. It is the elimination of suffering in one's life. Which brings us to Buddhism.

If you were to speak to a Buddhist he/she would impart the following piece of knowledge to you: "Om. It is the sound of the universe."

And as a non-Buddhist you might say: "Ohrn?"

Then the Buddhist would say: "Ohrn?"



The untrained eye might look at Philip Rivers and think to themselves, "Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

But that would be a foolhardy assessment. Fans should have looked at the offensive line and Rich Ohrnberger and vocalized the following: "Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Gahhhhhhhhhh!!! It is the sound of the universe.

Have an un-athletic story you want to share for next week’s TDNLA? E-mail me at


@AvengingJM contributes regularly during the season and relies heavily on humor as a coping mechanism. Bront Bird completes him.