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Open Thread: Seahawks at Rams, Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football this week features an interdivision game between the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams. Chat about it in the comments below.


I have no idea why I picked the Rams to beat the Seahawks. None at all. I'm going to call it a mistake...UNLESS THEY WIN! If the Rams pull out the upset win, then I picked them because I am the only person that was smart enough to see the true potential of the Rams with Kellen Clemens as their starting QB.

Seriously, this game will probably be terrible. The Seahawks are a really good team. However, Jeff Fisher's teams have a history of competing in games they have no business competing in and Pete Carroll's Seahawks have one or two stinkers each year. This is probably worth tuning into just to see how things go in the first half.