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Best San Diego Chargers Teammates: Wide Receivers

Which San Diego Chargers positional group has shown the best teamwork so far this season? My vote is for the wide receivers.

Patrick Smith

I'll admit it, I love the San Diego Chargers wide receivers this year. I'm not sure when I fell in love with them as a group, but it was probably around the time that the team thought Malcom Floyd had torn his ACL in practice and was done for the year. While everyone sat around waiting for the MRI results, the wide receivers were getting in extra reps after practice.

When Danario Alexander went down with a torn ACL, Eddie Royal stepped up and scored 5 touchdowns in the Chargers first two games of the regular season. When Malcom Floyd went down with a sprained neck against the Eagles, rookie Keenan Allen stepped in to become the team's top playmaker and one of Philip Rivers' best options on third down.

Vincent Brown, fresh off a season lost to injury, has taken over as the starter opposite Keenan Allen and seems to be just as tough and have hands just as good as Allen or Antonio Gates.

Oh, right...Gates. We probably shouldn't leave the tight ends out of this. Ladarius Green has been every bit the receiver that Antonio Gates was early in his Hall of Fame career, and Gates is having a very "Jason Witten" season (in that he's not making huge catches downfield, but is incredibly reliable on short passes).

All told, you have a receiving group that is missing both of its projected starters that is every bit as talented and productive as we could've hoped for as fans. It's obvious that the Chargers receivers have been putting in work, and working with each other, to help make this Philip Rivers' best season yet.