BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor Results - Week 7

Week 7 sees our first dual weekly Pick ' Em winner for the season, and, was me, once again on a count back.

With an impressive 11 correct, including notable upsets from the Colts, Redskins and Steelers, Scifres Steel Balls and myself led the way from BritishBolt and Lightning and Thunder, both with 10 correct.

This leaves Scifres Steel Balls all alone as our leader with a 2 point margin. Release the hounds!

Full list of Current Standings:

Scifres Steel Balls 72-35 (11)

TLORB 70-37 (11)

BoltUpDK 69-38 (8)

dwoody3123 69-38 (9)

BritishBolt 69-38 (10)

In it to win it 67-40 (9)

aztec4life 65-42 (9)

NSFB 65-42 (9)

DanishBolt 65-42 (9)

Lightning and Thunder 65-42 (10)

Bledderag's Picks 63-44 (9)

Alworth 19 62-45 (9)

KingofSpain 62-45 (9)

Aussiecharger 60-47 (8)

Etc etc. (If your name has not been called, you have not been selected for the upcoming Nude Racquetball tournament. You may sit in the library and draw guns and knives in all the geometry text books.

The Survivor pool saw a devastating loss for your favorite competitor and mine, TLORB. What the hell I was doing near a Buffalo game is anybody's guess, but so ends 24 consecutive weeks of survival for me.

This leaves only Scifres Steel Balls, DanishBolt, and Alworth 19, left on the island, all sleeping with one eye open and a rock under the pillow.

Remaining Survivors:

Alworth 19 - Survival maintained by San Diego.

DanishBolt - Survival maintained by Green Bay.

Scifres Steel Balls - Survival maintained by Green Bay.


Jesus's Clipboard - Week 1 - Pittsburgh

BoltUpDK. BritishBolt, Gotta Pick Em Al & NornIron - Week 3 - Minnesota

AussieCharger, King Of Spain - Week 4 - Cincinatti

An End In Our System, Bledderag's Picks- Week 5 - Atlanta

TLORB - Week 7 - Miami

Good luck to those remaining and once again, make sure you get those picks in early, and Go Bolts! enjoy your bye week!

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