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LIVE Gennaro-ly Speaking: 2013 San Diego Chargers, Bye week

John Gennaro takes to the virtual airwaves to talk about the 2013 San Diego Chargers so far, and what we can expect from the team following their bye week.

The 2013 San Diego Chargers are near the midway point of their season, and it happens to coincide with their bye week! Let's look back at the first seven games of the season and adjust our expectations for the rest of the year.

Being 4-3 at this point has to feel like "best case scenario" for the Chargers, but how close are they to actually being 6-1? And what, exactly, happened in that Raiders game?

I have a lot of controversial views about what the Chargers should do (and/or could do) during this bye week in preparation for the rest of the season. So, we'll go over that as well as reviewing Mike McCoy as the team's head coach, Tom Telesco's first half-season as the team's general manager and what the 2014 Chargers could look like.

The show goes live at 7:30 PDT. As always, the show is driven by you and your comments. Get them in early and often and we'll chat through the entire show. Questions are very welcome.