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Dean Spanos releases statement on passing of Bud Adams

The San Diego Chargers have released a statement on the passing of Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans and one of the founders of the American Football League.

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Dean Spanos, President of the San Diego Chargers, released this statement on the passing of Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams:

"Bud Adams was a pioneer in the game we all love. Like Barron Hilton with the Chargers, he was one of the founding owners in the American Football League; a decision that ultimately helped football grow and prosper to become our country’s most popular sport. And his influence in the League has been felt well beyond the AFL and its merger with the NFL. He loved the game and that love and passion is still felt throughout the league today. It has been a privilege for our family to know Bud and his family over the years. On behalf of the Spanos family and the entire Chargers organization, we extend our deepest sympathy to his family and everyone in the Titans’ organization."

I always liked Bud as a owner. There was never any doubt about his love and passion for the game. It wasn't just a business to him, he was a fan and he wanted to use the money he made in his life to buy himself a football team. I think we can all relate to that (at least that's what I would do if I had that kind of money).