BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor Results - Week 4

At the quarter mile peg, the field is starting to bunch in this season's BFTB Pick Em' League Stakes.

We now have three joint leaders - BoltUpDK, BritishBolt and Scifres Steel Balls all head the pack with 42 correct selections from 63 games or about 66.66666666666666666666666666666% accuracy.

The weekly winner however was dwoody3123 on a countback from NFSB and DanishBolt. Well done Woody. To Infinity and beyond!!

Full list of Current Standings:

Scifres Steel Balls 42-21 (9)

BoltUpDK 42-21 (10)

BritishBolt 42-21 (10)

aztec4life 41-22 (9)

dwoody3123 41-22 (11)

Lightning and Thunder 39-24 (8)

Norn Iron 39-24 (9)

TLORB 38-25 (10)

NSFB 38-25 (11)

Aussiecharger 37-26 (10)

In it to win it 37-26 (10)

DanishBolt 37-26 (11)

Bledderag's Picks 36-27 (9)

KingofSpain 35-28 (8)

Alworth 19 34-29 (8)

Etc etc. (Some people who probably don't want to be mentioned.)

The Survivor Pool saw Aussiecharger and King of Spain walk the plank with Cleveland yet again doing the damage to their selection of the Bengals. Selecting against the Browns is not a winning tactic in this league thus far.

Remaining Survivors

Alworth 19

An End In Our System

Bledderag's Picks


Scifres Steel Balls



Jesus's Clipboard - Week 1 - Pittsburgh

BoltUpDK. BritishBolt, Gotta Pick Em Al & NornIron - Week 3 - Minnesota

AussieCharger, King Of Spain - Week 4 - Cincinatti

Don't forget to get your selections in early and Go Bolts!

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