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San Diego Chargers Snap Counts: Week 6

A weekly feature looking at the distribution of playing time for the San Diego Chargers players on offense and defense. Let's see who got more (or less) playing time against the Colts in Week 6.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the snap report, a weekly feature where we look at the Chargers players involved in each offensive and defensive snap and track how players earn and lose playing time as the year continues. As always, these snap counts come from the NFL and the numbers are rounded to the nearest percent.

The Chargers ran 75 plays against the Colts on the way to racking up 38:31 of possession, compared to only 21:29 for the Colts. The first down comparison was similarly lopsided, with the Chargers doubling up the Colts to the tune of 24 first downs to 12. Needless to say, it was quite the impressive offensive performance. Here's a look at the offensive snap counts:

Ryan Mathews returned from injury and is, without a doubt, the team's primary running back when the Chargers are looking to run the ball. Mathews received 22 carries which he turned into 102 yards. Week 6 also featured the return of King Dunlap, who earned the highest PFF grade among the Chargers linemen (5.7), including a massive 4.6 grade for his run blocking. Dunlap is currently the best run blocking tackle in the league according to PFF, with a season run blocking grade of 8.4.

Here are the snap counts for the defense:

The return of Shareece Wright must have been a welcome sight for McCoy, as the Chargers need all the help they can get in the secondary right now. Wright was targeted four times and allowed two receptions for 24 yards. The snaps vacated by Jarret Johnson and Donald Butler were spread out among the rest of the linebacking core, with even Bront Bird receiving two defensive snaps. However, the best defensive players for the Chargers last Monday were clearly the hands of the Colts' receivers. Hopefully the Chargers won't need that kind of luck come this Sunday against the Jaguars.