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Charging back: San Diego Chargers vs Jacksonville Jaguars Week 2, 2010

After a terrifying loss on Monday Night Football to the rival Chiefs, the Chargers host the Jaguars in their blacked out home opener and thrashed them in a 38-10 turnover fest.

Harry How

Let's rewind back to 2010, specifically week two, when, after a week one loss to Kansas City, the Chargers hosted the Jaguars fresh off their win over the Denver Broncos. This was a game that had fans on both sides screaming their heads off in the first half. Why, you may be asking? Because the two teams absolutely did not want to possess the ball. the Chargers turned the ball over three times, and the Jaguars four. It was a mess of a game to begin with and looked like it would be a low scoring game simply because neither team's offense wanted the ball! The Jaguars didn't even punt all game, choosing to give the ball back by other means.

Mike Tolbert scored the game's first touchdown after a fun-looking direct snap to Legedu Naanee/Darren Sproles handoff, and then Jaguars quarterback David Garrard throws a deep pass that's intercepted by Antoine Cason in the redzone. Well, the Chargers came out and proceeded to begin their series with a false start and a sack before Ryan Mathews fumbled the ball away. The Jaguars turned it into a field goal for their first points of the game.

The Chargers responded by going on a five minute touchdown turnover drive that ended with an interception in the end zone on a pass intended for Antonio Gates. Luckily, the Jaguars wanted to see Gates score that touchdown. So, two plays later, Garrard throws a pass to Shaun Phillips, who tips it up into the air and is intercepted by, again, Antoine Cason. 5 plays later, Rivers finds Gates and he jogs into the end zone for the score.

The Jaguars responded by fumbling the ball away courtesy of Mike Sims-Walker. Two plays later, Rivers decides he wants to see what the Jaguars would have done with the ball, so he throws it to them for his second interception. The Jaguars want none of that charity, so two plays later David Garrard throws the ball to Brandon Siler for his third interception of the day. Oh boy. The Chargers took over and after their drive stalled decided it was time to give the ball back to the Jaguars in a non-turnover way. The special teams lined up for a punt, and, being the 2010 San Diego Charger's special teams, had that punt blocked. The Jaguars took over with good field position and kicked a field goal at the two minute warning to come within 8 points of the Charger's 14. Thankfully, the Chargers managed to make their way down the field without losing the ball for a touchdown just before the half for a 21-6 lead.

The Jaguars came out in a near six minute drive capped off by a Maurice Jones-Drew.... fumble. That's eight turnovers so far (if you include the blocked punt). The Bolts worked their way into field goal range and took a 24-6 lead on Nate Kaeding's 41 yarder. However, it seems David Garrard wants to really give the game away, so for the ninth turnover of the game, he throws a fourth interception to Kevin Burnett almost at the end of the third quarter.


After two big plays get the Chargers down to the Jacksonville 1 yard line, Mike Tolbert pounds it in for a 31-6 lead. The Jaguars are now sick and tired of David Garrard and his turnovers, so he's benched in favor of Luke McCown. He manages to burn 3 minutes of clock before failing on 4th down. The Chargers take over and Rivers decides to finish off the Jaguars with a 54 yard bomb to Malcom Floyd for the 38-6 lead with 8 minutes left. Luke McCown manages to burn 3 minutes of clock before failing on 4th down. Again. Three clock-burning plays later, McCown leads the Jaguars down to the three yard line where he's hurt, and Garrard is able to throw a meaningless touchdown to Mike Sims-Walker as his last play.

That Jaguars team may be better than the current one, sadly. They finished 8-8 while this year's looks to get the #1 pick in the draft with less than two wins. They somewhat put up a fight against Denver, and could easily do it against the Chargers too. In any case, I think and hope the score will be about what it was 3 years ago.

Prediction: Chargers 34 Jaguars 16

*side note: Last week I mentioned the Chargers do the opposite of what I predict. Should I continue that trend?