BFTB Pick 'Em & Survivor Results - Week 6

Week 6 saw a return to some astute guesswork and high scoring in the league, headed by In It To Win It, who certainly was, with an impressive 13 out of 15 correct. But close behind, and rapidly gaining ground, the mighty TLORB and also slightly mighty King Of Spain both notched 12 correct selections to share the glory of being a weekly runner up.

This all leaves our leader board as tight as ever, with the tricky dog leg 8th hole and the notorious water hazards of the par 5 11th still to play.

Our joint current leaders are Scifres Steel Balls and BoltUpDK, but the pack are closing in.

Full list of Current Standings:

Scifres Steel Balls 61-31 (10)

BoltUpDK 61-31 (11)

dwoody3123 60-32 (11)

BritishBolt 59-33 (9)

TLORB 59-33 (12)

In it to win it 58-34 (12)

aztec4life 56-36 (8)

NSFB 56-36 (11)

DanishBolt 56-36 (11)

Lightning and Thunder 55-37 (10)

Bledderag's Picks 54-38 (10)

Alworth 19 53-39 (10)

KingofSpain 53-39 (12)

Aussiecharger 52-40 (8)

Etc etc. (If your name has not been called, you have not been selected for the upcoming Mixed Boys & Girls Dodge Ball tournament. You may sit in the library and lead a life of quiet desperation.)

The Survivor pool saw a week of full survival mode.

This still leaves only Scifres Steel Balls, DanishBolt, Alworth 19, and the mighty TLORB left on the island, all pondering their own sexuality and the meaning of the universe.

Remaining Survivors:

Alworth 19 - Survival maintained by Seattle

DanishBolt - Survival maintained by Kansas City

Scifres Steel Balls - Survival maintained by Denver

TLORB - Survival maintained by Denver


Jesus's Clipboard - Week 1 - Pittsburgh

BoltUpDK. BritishBolt, Gotta Pick Em Al & NornIron - Week 3 - Minnesota

AussieCharger, King Of Spain - Week 4 - Cincinatti

An End In Our System, Bledderag's Picks- Week 5 - Atlanta

Once again, make sure you get those picks in early, and Go Bolts!

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