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San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts: Twitter Reactions

Some of the BFTB staff is a little Twitter obsessed (read: Nick tweets wayyyy to much during Charger games). Using his day-job client Topsy, Nick took a look at how the Chargers vs. the Colts played out on Twitter, examining the most tweeted terms and the sentiment (how Twitter felt on a scale of 0-100) for the teams themselves. Here goes.

Kevork Djansezian


Well, that certainly looks like a bunch of gobbledygook, doesn't it? It's a graph of all the tweets sent in the last 24 hours containing any of the terms carefully selected for their relevance to the Chargers v. Colts Monday Night Game. The clutteredness of the graph means Twitter was really, really active during the game last night. (All graphs and numbers courtesy of, and anyone can use their free tool to check out Twitter #'s...)

When taking a longer look at the results, the term "San Diego" leads the way with 99,000+ twitter mentions, but "Colts" beats "Chargers" 81,000 to 71,000. Notably, various permutations of "Philip Rivers" beats out "Andrew Luck" 78,000 to 28,000. Overall, the game produced more than 440,000 tweets! Here's the full numbers for every search term.


Also of note, according to Topsy (client plug!) the "Twitterverse" stood up and noticed the heretofore unknown Keenan Allen, with 12,000+ tweets mentioning the Chargers' stellar wideout. Here's a chart of Keenan's mentions over the last 90 days, with the massive spike coming off of last night's primetime performance Screen_shot_2013-10-15_at_11

So we've heard from Rivers, but how did the rest of the Chargers fare vs. the Colts on Twitter? Here's results from some of the supporting cast:


Thankfully, the world seems to have moved on from the Manti T'eo jokes. Still, he garnered more Tweets than Ryan Mathews, which is sad. Especially when compared to the Colts...


The Chargers won the Twitter battle! Finally, there are some "west coast bias" rumblings going on in Chargerville that the Colts seem to be receiving more attention for LOSING than the Chargers have recieved credit for WINNING. Here's one such opinion, as RT'd by our fearless leader:

According to Twitter, this is actually NOT the case.



Actually, various permutations of the phrase "Chargers win" had 1,000 more mentions than "Colts lose!"

For fun, I also took a look at the various Twitter handles of the most active Tweets on BFTB staff writers over the last 90 days. Obviously, we're all a little Chargers obsessed and there seems to be a huge correlation between our activity and Chargers gametime...but the sheer numbers of it were sort of amusing, so take a look.


Does the fearless leader tweet too much? Any other Twitter results you guys would like to see? Let me know in the comments. Depending on how people like this, it may become a weekly column...