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San Diego Chargers to wear powder blue uniforms on Monday against Indianapolis Colts

The San Diego Chargers will wear their powder blue "alternate" uniforms against the Colts on Monday Night Football on ESPN. They're not throwback jerseys, and they're not particularly special, but they will be worn. Hooray?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

I don't know how the San Diego Chargers managed to screw up their uniform situation so badly, but they really have.

The team will wear their powder blue alternate uniforms against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football, and many will talk about how they're "the best uniforms in sports". Well, at this point, you're not longer talking about the uniform that the Chargers wore in the 1960s and 1970s. That uniform is dead.

You know the uniform I'm talking about. Giant numbers, giant bolts on top of the shoulder pads.

I, for one, prefer this look to this look. I like the tradition that goes with it. I like how different it is from the normal 2013 Chargers uniform, but whatever. The best uniform in the history of sports will never be worn again. Now it's just the best color scheme in sports.

ESPN's Eric Williams had a fantastic post on the powder blue jerseys yesterday, which included proof that the team doesn't always win when they wear the powder blue, contrary to what many fans may say...

According to team records, the Chargers' powder blue jerseys first reappeared in 1994 during the league's 75th anniversary season. Since, the Chargers have worn slightly differing versions of the alternate jersey 48 times, posting a 28-20 record.

Bah, humbug.

At this point, San Diego wearing the powder blue jerseys is no different than when the Broncos wear their blue jerseys (instead of the orange, which used to be the alternate) or the Texans wear their red jerseys (instead of the blue). It's simply a third jersey that the team can sell. If the color of the jersey affects the performance of the players or the team, something is really wrong with the motivational techniques going on in that locker room.

To me, there's nothing special about the Chargers wearing the powder blue jerseys on Monday (but I'm posting because I know it's special to a bunch of our readers). I do, however, hope that they can win the game.