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Tom Telesco is (Officially) Your New Chargers GM

The San Diego Chargers have officially named Tom Telesco as their new General Manager to take over for A.J. Smith.


Let's kick this off with some official words, shall we?

So, that's that. Tom Telesco is now officially the General Manager of the San Diego Chargers and is the chief man in charge of cleaning up A.J. Smith's mess.

Less than one year ago, Tom was turning down an offer to be the GM of the Rams (amongst other teams) and getting promoted within the Colts organization as a result. He moved up from Director of Player Personnel to Vice President of Football Operations. In his first season in that role, the Indianapolis Colts had (arguably) their best draft class and the team rallied behind their Head Coach and the #CHUCKSTRONG slogan all the way to the playoffs.

Tom will now join Dean Spanos, John Spanos and Ron Wolf as the group responsible for finding the Chargers' next Head Coach. He'll then move on to planning for free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft.

The press conference welcoming Tom into the Chargers' organization will be at 1pm Pacific and will be live-streamed. I'll post a link once the stream is live and you can use the comments below as an open thread to discuss Tom's hair, choice of tie and general demeanor.

Since he's been passed over for the job in San Diego, the New York Jets will interview Jimmy Raye III for their open GM position.

UPDATE: Stream's not live yet, but the URL is ready to go. Click and wait, my friends.