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That Did Not Look Athletic Playoffs: #7 Seed Versus #10 Seed

The first round of the inaugural TDNLA playoffs continues. Have your say in who wins the 2013 crown.

TDNLA Commisioner
TDNLA Commisioner
Donald Miralle

With the polls recently closing in the 6 (Jenkins) versus 11 (Roethlisberger) match-up we've seen yet another crushing upset from the lower seed in the tournament. We have now seen both Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger move on to the next stage of the TDNLA tournament.

Today we have the 7th and 10th seeds squaring off. Will sanity return to these playoffs? Let's see.

#7 Seed (Brandon Flowers and Jovan Belcher)

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Ryan Mathews absolutely embarrassed Brandon Flowers and the late Jovan Belcher with vicious stiff-arms while still in the backfield. Two!

Getting a palm to the face is about as emasculating as it can get for a grown man. And Ryan Mathews doled out two. Two!

#10 Seed (Dunta Robinson)


Again, we see Ryan Mathews' athleticism on display as he ducks under the tackle of Falcons DB, Dunta Robinson. Look at Robinson absolutely light-up his teammate, what a hit! But Robinson's failure to adjust left him with a TDNLA nomination. I now ask you, "Will it be enough for Dunta Robinson to move on to the next round?"

Round 1

5 Seed vs. 12 Seed

6 Seed vs. 11 Seed