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That Did Not Look Athletic Playoffs: #6 Seed Versus #11 Seed

The time has arrived for the inaugural TDNLA playoffs. Have your say in who wins the 2013 crown.

Donald Miralle

Yesterday Matt Cassel, the 5 seed, met his demise at the hands of the always dangerous 12 seed, Peyton Manning. The match wasn't even close as BFTB readers passed Manning through to the next round with 70% of the votes. When asked to comment on his lack of athleticism against the Chargers during the 2012 season Manning mustered the following:


Well said, Peyton Manning. Well said.

Today we have a match-up between the #6 and #11 seeds. Let's break it down.

#6 Seed: Malcolm Jenkins


This particular play is recognized for the brilliance of Ryan Mathews via his majestic leap into the end zone against the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. What people fail to realize is the un-athletic attempt by Saints DB Malcolm Jenkins to tackle the hard-running Chargers RB. When ever I see a DB go low without any attempt to wrap-up a runner I think one thing: P-U-S-S- . . . I mean . . . T-D-N-L-A!

#11 Seed: Ben Roethlisberger


Ben Roethlisberger has two Superbowl rings for his big ol' hand and that might be the reason for his suspect grip on the football. This TDNLA play has two things going for it: a terrible throw coupled with awkward/hilarious faces.

Will Ben Roethlisberger's comedic presence be enough to get him past this tournament's 6 seed? Only you can determine that.

Round 1:

5 Seed vs. 12 seed