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That Did Not Look Athletic Playoffs: #5 Seed Versus #12 Seed

The time has arrived for the inaugural TDNLA playoffs. Have your say in who wins the 2013 crown.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alright folks, the playoffs have arrived, and your involvement will determine who advances to take the crown of Least Athletic in 2013.

I have selected twelve GIFs to compete against one another throughout the course of this week. Four TDNLA GIFs have received byes into the second round. The top four seeds are authentic TDNLAs, in that the advanced athleticism of the player's opponent did not factor into the embarrassment of the play . . . the un-athletic play was completely self-inflicted.

Today we bring you the always deadly #5 versus #12 match-up. Will the voting go according to seeding? That's up to you.

#5 Seed: Matt Cassel


One of the few shining games on the Chargers' disappointing slate this year occurred when they met the Chiefs in Kansas City back in September. Chargers fans knew the game was in the bag when the Chiefs' QB threw a pick to Eric Weddle and then went . . . snowboarding?

#12 Seed: Peyton Manning


The #12 seed also features a Chargers interception, but more importantly it focuses on the probable/possible MVP in Peyton Manning. Look at that attempted tackle/swift kick in the nuts. T-D-N-L-A!

Get to the polls, folks.