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Open Thread: Playoff Games 1/6/2013

The NFL saved the best for last this weekend, with the two most exciting matchups being played on Sunday.


After a couple of pretty boring playoff games yesterday, resulting in easy wins for the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers, we have much more excitement today.

To start, how would you like 3 of the 4 QBs in today's games to be rookies? Now add in that one of those rookie QBs (Andrew Luck) has a Head Coach that missed half of the season with Leukemia, and an Offensive Coordinator that will miss this game (he's in the hospital with the flu) while also getting rumored as a hot Head Coaching candidate.

Is that enough? No? How about Ray Lewis, one of the top 3 Linebackers of all time, playing in his last game unless the Ravens can defeat the Colts? That's pretty exciting.

We haven't even gotten to the real event, the game that everyone has been waiting for. The two best running QBs in the league, both rookies, facing each other. That Redskins/Seahawks game this afternoon is guaranteed to be a fun one.